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About us


About us



The Institute for Sustainable Supply Chain (commonly known as JIZOKEN) was established in July 2019.
Members involved in poverty and environmental issues in developing countries sympathized with the activities of the Dutch NGO Solidaridad, and began gathering together in a loose network to support the establishment of a Japanese branch.
Since the official launch of Solidaridad Japan in August 2020, we have been collaborating with the organization by co-hosting webinars.

​Main members

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​Representative Director



After working for an NGO, a foundation, and an international development consulting company, she was involved in education on sustainability from the perspective of international cooperation at Hosei University from 2008 to March 2023.

She is researching how business can contribute to poverty reduction in Asia.

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​Chief Researcher

Hiroshi SATO

SATO Kan Hiroshi

Development sociologist. Honorary Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies. For 40 years, he has been conducting research on the social impact of development aid on developing countries. He spent a total of five years conducting research in Yemen in the Middle East twice. Co-representative director of Solidaridad Japan General Incorporated Association.

Collaborative Organization
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