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​“Leave no one behind”
​Sustainable agricultural production and corporate procurement activities

Held in 2020 jointly with Solidaridad Japan and JIZOKEN.
Recordings of continuous webinars and handout materials are posted.
This is an extremely valuable resource in which practitioners from various fields share their frank opinions from unique perspectives.
The English lectures also have Japanese subtitles, so you can use them as teaching materials.

About this seminar

Solidaridad Japan General Incorporated Association (SoliJ)
Sustainable Supply Chain Research Institute (Jizoken)

Solidaridad Japan Establishment Commemoration

Webinar Series
“Sustainable and Inclusive Supply Chain:
Transforming Supply Chains toward Fair, Equitable and Resilient Livelihoods”

Solidaridad Japan, a general incorporated association, was established on August 13, 2020. To commemorate this occasion, we held a series of webinars in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Supply Chain(JIZOKEN) with which we have a cooperative relationship.

The Solidaridad Network (founded in 1969) is an international NGO headquartered in the Netherlands that works with businesses, government agencies and NGOs in 50 countries around the world to support producers of globally traded agricultural products. going.

Today, with the spread of the SDGs, companies are increasingly considering the environment and human rights in their procurement activities, and an increasing number of companies are using internationally certified raw materials in their products. However, it has been pointed out that major international certifications favor large-scale producers, making it difficult for small-scale producers to participate. In response, Solidaridad, in line with the motto of the SDGs, ``leave no one behind'', works closely with small-scale farmers, provides training to adopt better farming methods and work styles, and collaborates with government agencies of each country to support local farmers. We are developing a certification system that is easy for small-scale farmers to participate in, tailored to their own circumstances.

We hope that people in Japan will learn about Solidaridad's activities and explore the possibility of linking them with raw material procurement and CSR activities tailored to the circumstances of each country of production.

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