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Why not look upstream in the supply chain for goods?

The Institute for Sustainable Supply Chain (JIZOKEN) aims to 'visualize' the links between overseas producers of agricultural products and the way of life in Japan and to bridge research (academia) and practice (action for change).


We are connected to the world through the goods surrounding our daily lives.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have had a culture of thanking the producers of their food by saying "ITADAKIMASU."

Why not extend this kind of feeling to overseas producers beyond borders?

In today's Japan, it is common to buy products from abroad at cheaper prices.

JIZOKEN provides Japanese companies and consumers with an informative overview of the production sites abroad.

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Utilizing the knowledge gained through research and practice on international cooperation, we visualize the connections between overseas agricultural producers and Japanese lifestyles.

We aim to bridge the gap between research (academia) and practice (action for change).


JIZOKEN's approach

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​Know the origin

 Who are the people behind the production of various commodities?
We work with organizations that support producers upstream in the supply chain.

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Take producers' perspective

What challenges do the production area face?

We consider issues from the  producers' perspective.

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How should our production and consumption change?
In order to bridge the gap between research and practice, we hold seminars and disseminate information for companies and individuals.

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​ Seminar videos for free

"Leave no one behind"
​Sustainable agricultural production and corporate procurement activities​

We are posting recordings and handouts of the series of seminars held jointly with Solidaridad Japan in 2020. This is an valuable resource in which practitioners in each field share their opinions from unique perspectives on themes: palm oil, tea, cotton, and partnerships.

​The latest information is updated on our SNS

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