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Presented on sustainable palm oil at the Japan Society for International Development

On 12 November, at the Annual Conference of the Japan Society for International Development (JASID) held at Sophia University, Director Yoshida made a presentation on the theme of 'Sustainable palm oil from the viewpoint of the real situation in the producing countries: focusing on the cases of Indonesia and Malaysia'.

From the data published on the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) website, we calculated the certification acquisition rate for large-scale farms and small-scale producers. It was found that while large companies' farms have made reasonable progress, ranging from 38-99%, the acquisition rate for small producers of FFB suppliers is extremely low (~0%).

The certification acquisition rate for all production areas is less than 30% for large-scale farms and only a few per cent for small-scale farms.

Single certification promotion alone is not enough to raise awareness and implement sustainable oil palm practices, including for small-scale producers.

Companies need to do more than "buy certified oil to reduce supply chain risks" but takeactions that consider the "sustainability of the palm oil industry as a whole".


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